The beginning is always the hardest, especially when it comes to business. It requires time,  commitment and of course money. Many questions arise, but the most important one – how much money do I really need to succeed? Any financing expert will say, analyze your business plan and follow it in order to determine the funds you need.


  1. One-Time Expenses

How much money does your business need to start operating? Is there necessary equipment? Determining the amount of your one- time expenses will establish your upfront costs. 

  1. Set a monthly budget 

Rent and payroll are the two largest expense categories for business owners. These monthly costs are foreseeable in comparison to revenue because they are fixed rates. 

  1. What are your business goals?

Calculate the necessary amount of finances needed to achieve your business goals. Are they attainable with your budget?

  1. How much will the next 12 months cost you? 

Your spending amount in the next 12 months is crucial to the success and growth of your business. A financial forecast in your business plan is created for this purpose. 

Details to Consider: 

  • Keep track of your current and future spending.
  • Choose your funding source
  • When do you need your funds for
  • Follow and understand the development of your business incase of sudden, necessary changes. 
  • Acknowledge that results hardly measure up to forecasts. 

Another important factor to consider is cross checking your financial tools. You can refer to this list of financial tools your small business can greatly benefit from. 

Need help with your planning? Check out our resource center for different business planning templates that will help you manage and grow your business.

The amount of funding required for your business to excel revolves around organizing and following your financial plan. Be prepared for changes because that’s simply the nature of business. 


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