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Pine Grove Financial gives you the capital you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

We assist Canadian Small Businesses in the process of growing their business by providing the funding they need to flourish. If you’re a small business owner, our tools and resources can give you access to money, with ease.


Welcome to PineGrove

Customized  Lending Solutions

As a principal innovator in the lending industry, Pinegrove Financial utilizes state of the art technologies to provide customized financing options for small business owners in Canada. We’re proud to have achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rate. We deliver a solution that fits your business with just a few simple steps.


Planning Your Business

We understand when building your business, following a plan is essential to your success. We can help create a financing strategy that fits your plan and works for YOU.


Funding Your Business

Simply fill out our online application and our team will assess your needs and provide a response within 48 hours. We provide funds up to  $200,000.


Growing Your Business

By providing the right funding solution, we can help you identify ways to grow your business in an affordable and efficient manner that meets your budget.

Our Solutions

Even the most successful small businesses will encounter challenges or opportunities that are unplanned for. Quite often these events can be dealt with if given an injection of short-term capital.

We can help you:

• Purchase extra inventory for a seasonal cycle.

• Bridge the gap between paying suppliers and collecting from customers.

• Expand your business.

• Make repairs or lease hold improvements.

• Purchase new equipment.

• Bridge an unexpected slowdown.

Loan Parameters

Collateral: not required

Loan Amount: from $10,000 to $200,000 subject to applicant’s evaluation

Term: 12 months or less

Repayment: simple fixed weekly repayments of principal interest

Prepayment: anytime, subject to one-month interest


• Your business must be located in Canada.

• You need to have been in business more than two years.

• You need to show your business is stable and/or growing.

• You need to have annual sales of at least $100,000.

• You need to show regular deposits into your business bank account.

• You must be able to show you can comfortably manage weekly loan payments.



Online Application


Application Review




Receive Call

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Discuss Terms

& Conditions

Provide Appropriate

Financing Plan

One Size Fits One

Create a Financing Plan  That Works For YOU


Millions in Loan Disbursements

Pine Grove financial has funded over 50 million in loans. As countless business owners across Quebec have experienced, we strive to make your lending process convenient and hassle free.


Satisfaction Rate

We’re proud to have achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rate. We deliver a solution that fits your business with just a few simple steps.

Years in Business

With more than 12 years of experience, we have learned how to provide our clients solutions that work for them.


Returning Customers

At Pine Grove Financial, we value returning clients. We aspire to build and maintain relationships with our customers by providing quality and noteworthy service.

Why choose us?

  • Fast funding

  • Flexible payment plans

  • Quick application

  • Collateral not a prerequisite

Lending Services

Pine Grove Financial will help you with every step of the way.

We genuinely care to put in the time to reap the benefits. Regardless of your business’s credit score or history, Pine Grove Financial will help you receive the funding you need.

Flexible Terms

We understand it takes time to grow capital, so that is why we offer flexible terms. We analyze your financing needs, and recommend a payback plan that is suitable for you.

The group at Pine Grove have been amazing with me and have helped my company grow over the past 2 years. Not only do they provide the necessary funding for our growing company, but also help with creating a plan, and direction needed to make sure we reach our goals. Thank you so much

Jimmy Valais

Let Us Help Your Business Grow  

At Pine Grove Financial, we work with you to help you succeed.  By choosing a suitable financing plan and providing customized lending solutions, we become part of your solution. With years of lending expertise and a passion for supporting our clients needs, we are dedicated to bringing your business to new heights.

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